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Due to increasing technological development, more and more material combinations (composites) are used in industrial areas today. The list of material combinations that can be cut and therefore of the applications for our saws has thus expanded dramatically. Our response to this is the further enhancement and expansion of our saws to meet your needs.

Our diamond band saws (not to be confused with wire saws!) have proven themselves over the years, especially for cutting difficult materials and material combinations in materials research and development, quality assurance, production, and medical implant research.

The decisive advantages for you:
Low cost per cut
Professional service

The saws are available in both CL (= Contact Line) and also in CP (=Contact Point). Which system you choose depends on the one hand on the size of your sample, and on the other hand on your requirements for a cut result. We will be glad to advise you with respect to areas of application and we can do tests in our laboratory.
EXAKT 300 CP/R with reversing drive

For quick, clean cuts of composites. Especially those composites which combine hard and soft materials (such as metals and plastics) can be cut well with the EXAKT 300 CP/ R. The interface between the individual materials and the workpiece contour can be depicted very well. A reversing cutting band, which changes its direction cyclically, cuts off any burrs that might have formed.


It combines, distributes, homogenizes three roll shafts.

Three roll shafts from homogenization, airing, wetting, grinding processes meet your different needs at the same time. From food industry to nanotechnology – EXAKT three roll shafts are used in various industrial and research applications. Regardless of which paste needs to be processed, EXAKT tree roll shafts can break any batch and powder tufts and reduce particle sizes. With this technology, it creates the highest fineness and quality materials.

It is used in the laboratory and production. The four model types allow it to be tailored to suit various demands and challenges, with a variety of cylinder diameters, cylinder lengths and cylinder materials.



Ointment mill EXAKT 50 Classic
Professional equipment for your pharmacy

EXAKT manufactures a number of devices that are part of the basic equipment of any pharmacy.

The EXAKT ointment mill for the manufacture of individual recipes for the highest demands is the first choice in more than 30,000 pharmacies worldwide.

For filling ointments into tubes with screw caps, we recommend the EXAKT tube filler.

The EXAKT tincture press is a manual device for manufacturing tinctures and extracted drugs in the pharmaceutical area.


EXAKT 300 CP/R Profile

The EXAKT 300 CP/R has been specifically adapted to meet the requirements of the sealing industry. Its ability to provide clean, plane-parallel cuts with minimal burrs creates surfaces that can be used to assess the geometry of the workpieces in quality control labs and on production lines. A reversing cutting band, which changes its direction cyclically, cuts off any burrs that might have formed. This way, it is possible to make a quick assessment, which keeps production losses low. 



Individual customer recipes – distinct and individual

Individual recipes of medical and cosmetic ointments permit the selective use of ingredients for specific applications and the personal requirements of patients. They are distinct, an expression of pharmaceutical independence and expertise, and therefore an effective means to maintain customer loyalty.
Ointments, the way they should be

For decades EXAKT ointment mills have been the standard for quality in the production of high-quality suspension ointments and emulsions, to do justice to all pharmaceutical requirements.

The best results in homogeneity and a smooth dispersion to less than 20 µm, independent of the size of the original substances
Uniform dissolving of ingredients in the base ointment
No loss of potency through undesirable particle growth after processing
No heat development during processing; therefore ideal for active substances with thermal instability and for optimum consistency of ointment
Reliable de-aeration of processed substances
Indispensable for quality assurance management

Easy to clean

Cleaning is made easy with the EXAKT 50 Easy Clean. The entire roller set is easily removed and can then be cleaned under running water, for example.

The distances of the rollers to the frame are generously designed to make cleaning comfortable and easy. All surfaces in the processing area are made of stainless steel.

It is also possible to work with several roller sets on one unit, to avoid downtimes during the change of material; for example.
Easy to use

The EXAKT 50 Easy Clean is an ointment mill designed for really easy operation giving a consistent result. The premixed ointment is fed via the hopper or directly between the feeding and the center roller, is pulled in and then finely dispersed. The ointment sticks to the bottom of the second roller, from where it is transported to the second roller gap, pulled in again and homogenized a second time and dispersed even finer. The scraper system removes the finished product from the third roller.
Perfect result

Processing quality and reproducibility are ensured through precise control and the uniform feeding of the product. This additionally makes the process low-loss and clean.
Safe and durable

High safety standard due to integrated electrical and mechanical overload protection as well as prominently positioned emergency-off switch.
High-quality porcelain rollers
Robust metal housing
Solid, compact and durable



For more than 15 years, we have been perfecting grinding devices with the goal of achieving outstanding surface quality paired with the greatest plane-parallelism. Our strengths lie in the processing of difficult materials and hard/soft combinations.

The advantages of the EXAKT 400CS – the greatest plane-parallelism and outstanding surface quality – are, among other things, the prerequisite for creating a thin-ground section. Sample thicknesses in the range of 20 µm can be achieved easily. The deviation of the sample thickness after the grinding lies within a precision of approx. +/- 1.5 µm. For this we use special grinding papers and grinding films.

The EXAKT 400CS plate grinder with basic equipment is configured so that it switches off automatically once it has reached a specified target value.

Usage variations indicate the variety of applications::

Carbon Nano Tubes CNT
Ceramic screen printing paste
Surface coating pastes
Piezo actuators
Fuel cells …

Printing inks
Ceramic colors
Offset inks
Silk screen printing inks
Glass colors
Thermoplastic colors
Surface coatings
Artists’ paint
Pastes for painting plastic and synthetics …

Pastes for coating monitors and displays
Noble metal pastes
Resistance pastes
Solder pastes
Thick film technology
Luminescent pastas …

Makeup ingredients Components:
Lip pencils
Eye pencils
Sun lotion

High quality chocolate
Almond butter
Aromatic compounds

Dental technology
Ceramic materials
Pastes for ceramic injection molds …

Production and refining of adhesive compounds …

Chemical and pharmaceutical products
High performance lubricants

Special applications
Soap pastes
Historical color pastes