Banbury, Intermesh Type Mixer and Dough Machines

Composite press technology to meet the highest demands and the highest possible level of precision

Semi and fully automated production systems for composite processes

Customised process and system solutions for lightweight material technology

3D Optical Control and
Measuring Devices
Turnkey Solutions
Innovative Ideas
Rubber, TPE Injection Machines
Quality Oriented,
Test Equipment and

Plastic, Silicone
Vertical, Horizontal and UAI Injection Machines
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Our system engineering approach has enabled us to develop different solutions that meet various and the most demanding production needs, and made special or flexible equipment parts according to special applications.

Our production range includes:
Batch Off cooling lines
Console cooling lines
Multi-layer cooling lines with water, air or contact
High precision and high density stackers for sheets, strips and sheets
Cutters for feeding weighing conveyors to Mixers (Stock Feeders) and Open Mills (Mill Feeders)
Cutting and handling lines
Cutting and wrapping stations
Cold cutters for strips
Extruders and calenders feeders
Combined lines